Watch the Executive Director of UN-HABITAT, Anna Tibaijuka discuss with Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, Secretary General of ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability how cities can contribute to fighting climate change. This discussion has been recorded as part of the series 'Time for Real Questions' during COP15 in Copenhagen.

Watch ecoBUDGET partnership launch at ICLEI World Congress 2009 - Connecting Leaders in Edmonton, Canada. Scroll down to download "ecoBUDGET - Introduction for Mayors and Councillors", a concise guide prepared jointly by ICLEI, UN-HABITAT and UNEP!

ecoBUDGET publications and presentations

  • ecoBUDGET leaflet, introducing the ecoBUDGET cycle and services offered by ICLEI
  • European ecoBUDGET Guide, final product of the European ecoBUDGET project, a comprehensive guide to step-by-step application of local environmental budgeting, based on the practical experience of European local authorities.
  • ecoBUDGET Guide for Asian Local Authorities, final product of the  ecoBUDGET ASIA project, presenting conceptual background and step-by-step implementation guide, based on Asian case studies.
  • ecoBUDGET - Introduction for Mayors and Councillors, concise brochure on ecoBUDGET published by UN-HABITAT, UNEP and ICLEI, focusing on the developing countries' context. The brochure introduces the concept of integrated resource management and the advantages of ecoBUDGET to local decision makers, offering practical support to Mayors and Councillors in becoming true resource managers.
  • ecoBUDGET - slide show, a short introduction to key concepts and advantages of the ecoBUDGET approach, developed by UN-HABITAT, UNEP and ICLEI.
  • Liveable Cities. The Benefits of Urban Environmental Planning - published by UNEP and the Cities Alliance Secretariat, in cooperation with UN-HABITAT and ICLEI, the report presents ecoBUDGET among other good practices and useful tools undertaken by mayors and city managers who are at the forefront in taking action to address environmental challenges, working to balance the urban environment, economic growth and poverty reduction nexus. To access directly ecoBUDGET case study from Bohol, The Philippines, click here.
  • Managing Ecological Sustainability. Greening City Development Strategies in Developing Countries using ecoBUDGET - presentation by Karen Buhren, Assistant Human Settlements Officer, UN-HABITAT, for more information on ecoBUDGET session during ICLEI World Congress Edmonton 2009, click here

ecoBUDGET projects

  • European ecoBUDGET (2002-2004) A three-year European project funded by LIFE Programme in which six European local authorities implemented ecoBUDGET, demonstrating relevance of environmental budgeting as an integrative, sustainability-related approach for environmental management at the local level.
  • ecoBUDGET ASIA (2005-2007) The aim of the project was to transfer the knowledge and experience of ecoBUDGET implementation in European cities to their Asian counterparts. Funded by ASIA URBS Programme, the project was run by the Municipality of Bologna in Italy (as project co-ordinator), Vaexjoe Municipality in Sweden, Guntur Municipal Corporation in India and the Province of Bohol in the Philippines, with the technical support of ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability.


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