The ecoBUDGET partnership, involving ICLEI, UNEP and UN-HABITAT has been launched during ICLEI World Congress in Edmonton, Canada in June 2009.

The Sustainable Cities Programme (SCP) is a joint UN-HABITAT/UNEP facility established in the early 1990s to build capacities in urban environmental planning and management. UN-HABITAT and UNEP encourage the use of ecoBUDGET by the local governments in the Global South, placing it in the context of Millenium Development Goals and City Development Strategies.
For more information visit UN-HABITAT/UNEP Sustainable Cities Programme website.

United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)
consider ecoBUDGET to be an effective instrument for the cities to respond to climate change challenge and and support its worldwide roll-out.

North-West University is a long-standing partner, supporting the dissemination of ecoBUDGET in the Global South.

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