Becoming fossil fuel free

With its history of environmental action and long-term objective to become 'Fossil Fuel Free', the Municipality of Växjö has been interested in adopting a structured method of implementing its environmental goals and monitoring the impact of its environmental initiatives. Växjö has introduced ecoBudget and systematically combined it with its financial accounting system. Nowadays, discussions about the city's financial budget and ecoBudget take place during the same meetings and appear in the same financial documents.

In May 2006, Växjö's Councillors decided to replace the city's Local Agenda 21 strategy and environmental policy with a new Environmental Programme that would include only measurable, long-term targets covering three areas: Living Life (focusing on consumption and waste issues), Our Nature (focusing on water and conservation issues), and Fossil Fuel Free Växjö (focusing on transportation and energy issues). ecoBudget is used to ensure that the programme goals are monitored, reviewed and achieved.

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